Justice - S/T (Elephant Skin) CD


European hardcore is an entity often overlooked or laughed at, but times have changed and Belgium's JUSTICE are at the forefront of the European hardcore scene. Widely recognised as the first European hardcore band to be fully accepted by the American straight edge scene, JUSTICE is ready to unleash to he world Elephant Skin, their debut LP of ferocious, mid-paced NYHC-influenced hardcore. Equal parts CRO-MAGS and BAD BRAINS, JUSTICE have carved their own infectious sound sure to get kids moving worldwide.

1. Elephant Skin
2. Confrontations
3. Without Face
4. Light in the Dark
5. Fish on a Hook
6. Outside Looking In
7. Lose Control
8. Every Inch
9. Born To Lose
10. Activate
11. Peace of Mind