New Lows - S/T + Demo CD


Bostons back in the building in a HEAVY way. NEW LOWS drop their anticipated EP debut, following up their popular 2007 demo. Rolling with a style of hardcore that will make you want to swig from the Jack Daniels bottle while punching out windows. Staying hard yet carrying a unique stylish groove. Reminiscent of early Madball or early Hatebreed but still carving out its own lane. A breath of fresh air for Boston hardcore, an icy cold deep breath.

1. Hatchethead
2. Lowest Depths
3. Hung Up On the Crossroads
4. Lucifer Crucified
5. Compulsive Repulsions (It Never Ends)
Bonus Demo Tracks
6. New Lows
7. Lowest Depth
8. Lucifer Crucified
9. Loathe